Interview with Sh. Harbhajan Singh, Director Honda

Mr. Harbhajan Singh, Director – HMSI – “Perseverance, Hard Work and Honesty has contributed the most in my career success”

With the vision of being a company that Society wants to exist, Honda has been contributing extensively in the society right from its inception. Here are a few experts from Mr. Harbhajan Singh, Director – Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India.

“Honda’s fundamental belief is Respect for Individual and The Three Joys. Upholding the same, Honda follows a culture of openness, uniformity, collaboration and trust, with no exclusive cabins for officials and lot of freedom in one’s work.”

Honda will continue to focus on creating an experience of joy and respect to its entire stakeholders in future as well.

Q: HRAI Representative: What are the Core Competencies visible across Honda employees?

“Owing to periodic rotation of employees, Adaptability is one of the core competency expected across Honda.
Second that we value and push for is Corporate Governance across all employees.
Third and most important competency percolated right from top to bottom is Zero Tolerance to POSH and unethical activities.”

Q: HRAI Representative: In the era of Industry 4.0, what are the key skills required for an employee to be successful?

“A person should be Agile, Adaptable with high Learning Quotient for him/her to be successful in this era.”

Q: HRAI Representative: What is Honda’s vision for CSR initiatives?

Honda has been proudly contributing in CSR activities way beyond the mandate 2% and would continue with the same zeal. Safety, women empowerment and rural health being the thrust areas of Honda, we have now initiated a project of training 20 female commercial pilots, the cost of the same being fully sponsored by Honda.
Towards future, I would look forward to be in touch and involved with HRAI activities and initiatives.

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