Volunteer Opportunities

Advisory Panel

This panel shall lead, advise and guide other panels on meeting HRAI Objectives, Conceptualizing New Initiatives and smooth running of existing initiates. HRAI seeks versatile and experienced people in this Panel.

The Jury

The Members shall evaluate various HR related Initiatives by HRAI Members for various Awards and Presentation Purposes.

The Contributors

The Influencers who can contribute Relevant, High Quality Articles for our E-zine and website for our HRAI Members.

Diversity and Inclusion Team

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is looking for volunteers who have a passion for diversity initiatives. Duties/responsibilities include:

  • Willingness to attend monthly committee meetings, as often as possible.
  • Interest in attending local events/meetings related to diversity and inclusion.
  • Willingness to assist in the development, design, and implementation of HRAI diversity-related projects and/or programs.
  • Willingness to write and/or submit articles on occasion, for the HRAI blog.
  • Monthly hourly commitment is roughly 2-3 hours per month.

If you are interested in volunteering with this committee, please contact the Diversity Committee VP at dic@hrd.online .

Outreach Team

The Membership committee has numerous opportunities to meet and engage with fellow HRAI Members.

  • New Member Ambassadors – Calls and emails all new members
  • HRAI Advocates – assists in promoting our National Organization
  • Meeting Welcome Committee – Greets and assists at registration at HRAI events
  • Mixers and Networking Events – assist in creating events, publicizing and soliciting Sponsors
  • Volunteer Engagement – Networks and matches members into Volunteer openings
  • HRAI Foundation Advocates – assists in publicizing, promoting and fund raising
  • Publicity – Shares membership activities, events and collaborates with Marketing and PR
  • Committee Liaison – A Membership committee member is assigned to all other Committees for the purpose of communicating membership initiatives.

We have Volunteer opportunities from 1 to 10 hours monthly and will help you “Customize” your dream Volunteer role.  Contact membership@hrd.online for more information.

Event Organizing Team

  • Publicity – Works with Communications Committee and local news outlets to publicize programs – monthly hour commitment (5hrs.).
  • Speakers – Leads in Program Development, including themes, and speaker search & selection, and brings recommendations to Programs Committee – monthly hour commitment (5hrs.).
  • HRAI Pre-Approval – Coordinates pre-approval applications through HRAI for all qualified programs.
  • Meeting Sponsors – Secures table sponsors for themed meetings and coordinates sponsorship activities with the HRAI office – Collaboration with Conference Committee – monthly hour commitment (5hrs.).
  • Miscellaneous Opportunities – Assist in all topic areas as needed – monthly hour commitment (3 hrs.).
    • Collection of response cards – place a box at the meeting for collection and draw for a prize to be mailed
    • Speaker Hosts

If you are interested in volunteering with this committee, please contact the Programs Committee VP at contact@hrd.online .