HR Analytics Course

Today HR Analytics Course is a Necessity not Luxury for HR Professionals.

In the era of AI, Machine Learning, BOTS and Automation thousands of jobs are at stake worldwide. Unfortunately HR is not immune to this phenomenon. Very soon only those professionals will survive who are too specialized to be replaced. HRAI’s HR Analytics Course will help HR professionals thrive at the beginning and survive at the later stage.

HR Analytics Course Structure

HR Analytics Course Structure
HR Analytics Course Structure
HRAI’s Unique 360 Degree Blended Learning Approach Ensures You get much more than your Expectations from this Course
  1. Pre-training Reading Material to be shared 7 days before the Course Starts. Optional Reading, but surely helps making best use of ILT.
  2. Two Months of Intensive Instructure Led Online Training, We also invite Industry Leaders for Special Discussions including Used Cases.
  3. Regular Assignments during the ILOT.
  4. After the ILOT, 1 Months of Guided Project Work.
  5. Certification from World HR Federation & HR Association India
HR Analytics Course
HR Analytics Course Accreditation

How This HR Analytics Course is Special

HR Analytics Course Benefits

HR Analytics Course Benefits
HR Analytics Course Benefits

HR Analytics Course Content

  • HR Analytics is a Necessity not Luxury.
  • What HR Analytics is and What its is NOT.
  • Why to Use Analytics in HR, Used Cases.
  • Understand Data , Metric and Analytics
  • Analytics Continuum – Reporting > Analysis > Monitoring > Prediction
  • HR Functions on Continuum of Complexity, Perspective and Business Value
  • How to begin with HR Analytics in your Organization?
  • Understanding Variables, Analysis Research Design and Hypothesis Testing
  • Analytics and HR Value Chain
  • HR Analytics Case Studies
  • Data Collection, Errors and Data Cleaning
  • Practice Sessions – Data Cleaning, Metrics, Analysis
  • Statistics for HR Analytics
  • Outliers, Normalization and Standardization
  • Working With Central Tendencies
  • Using Correlations
  • Variance Analysis
  • Regressions
  • Making HR Business Cases
  • Creating Metrics
  • Must Metrics for HR Professionals
  • Over 100 HR Metrics
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Creating Reports and Making Decisions
  • Aligning all Business and Non-business Processes with Organizational Goals
  • Using HR analytics for Optimizing Various HR Processes…

  • Using Excel, for HR Analytics
  • Scope of HR analytics for Your Organization
  • Selection of Live Project
  • Action Planning

Next Batch Date : 18.11.2021

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