Top Five Online Digital Marketing Programs

Top Five Online Digital Marketing Programs :

When the entire world is going digital one way or the other, digital marketing has become the essence of any business’s growth, making it an extremely important skill to have today. This realization has made business owners, entrepreneurs and individuals turn towards digital marketing. But despite the growing popularity of this field, there is a huge talent gap in digital marketing. This demand opens up several opportunities for individuals looking to enter the field and even marketing professionals wanting to leverage digital growth. 

Also the digital marketing industry is constantly evolving, making it essential for professionals to stay on top of the ever-changing digital trends. And online digital marketing courses are a faster and better way to do that. 

The internet is flooded with numerous courses in digital marketing, but how do you find the right and authentic fit for you? This is where we come in. We have compiled a list of top 5 online digital marketing programs that will make your entrance or upgrading in this field smooth and effective. 

Our ranking criteria – 

1. University Accreditations

2. Course Structure

3. Faculty

4. International Outlook

5. Interactive & Advanced Pedagogy

6. Content & Resources

7. Pricing & Flexibility

8. Placement Assistance

9. Additional Benefits

Top Five Online Digital Marketing Programs

1. upGrad – Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication

upGrad, the largest online higher education company, offers this Advanced Certificate program by MICA, one of the premier business management institutions in Asia-Pacific. This program tops our list as it offers the best of MICA and upGrad to its learners. It offers the latest technologies used by brand managers to build strategies and help learn the buying and planning of media done by new-age advertisers. Coming with 4 specialisations and 3 tracks, this Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication offers its learners an outcome-oriented curriculum. The comprehensive course is designed by industry experts and the 200 learning hours offer fortnightly coaching by industry mentors as well. It covers the ins and outs of the digital marketing field while providing an in-depth understanding of customer psychology, building brands that connect with their customers and accomplish strategic business goals.It also opens up the learners to not just a marketing role but the world of business.   


1. Pricing: Rs. 1,05,045 (Incl. Taxes)* 

2. Duration: 32-50 Weeks 

3. Live Projects & Case Studies: 15+

4. Tools: 80+

5. Certification: MICA & Facebook

6. Tracks:

– Executive

– Manager

– Leadership 

7. Specialisation Options: 

– Branding & Communication

– Marketing Analytics

– Social Media & Content Marketing

– Marketing Communications – PR

8. Additional Benefits: 

– Real-Life Industry Projects

– Personalised Resume Feedback

– Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers

– MICA Executive Alumni Status + Benefits

– Personalised Industry Sessions

– Job Opportunities with 250+ upGrad Partnered Companies

2. Emeritus – Digital Marketing: Strategies, Models And Frameworks 

Emeritus offers this 2-month long program in digital marketing with National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. The course syllabus is designed for the learners to understand the digital space, its uses and the best practices to implement these insights. The NUS Business School is among the world’s leading business schools and offers global business knowledge with deep Asian insights. 


1. Pricing: Rs. 1,05,000 

2. Duration: 2 Months (4-6 hours per week) 

3.  Certification: NUS Business School

4. Real-World Case Analysis: 6 

5. Video Lectures: 132

6. Assignments: 14 

7. Discussion Boards: 21 

8. Guest Speaker Videos: 4

3. Emeritus – Digital Marketing And Analytics

Emeritus in partnership with Indian School Of Business (ISB), Hyderabad offers a deep understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem, planning of search engine and social media campaigns, and revenue generating strategic plans in this 12-weeks long course. On completion of this course, learners become a part of the ISB Executive Network and enjoy benefits like invitations to online and offline events, ISB newsletters, etc.    


1. Pricing: Rs. 1,18,000 

2. Duration: 12 Weeks (4-6 hours per week) 

3. Certification: ISB

4. Assignments & Quizzes: 20

5. Case Studies: 6+ 

6. Additional Benefits: 

– 128 Recorded Videos from ISB Faculty

– 13 Live Online Sessions with Programme Leaders 

– 4 Simulations

– 10+ Discussion Boards

4. Great Learning – Postgraduate Program in Strategic Digital Marketing 

Great Learning has partnered with Great Lakes Executive Learning for this 6 months Postgraduate Program in Strategic Digital Marketing. It is a run through of various aspects of digital marketing, its concepts, industry-standard tools and planning strategies. The 300+ hours of learning even offers networking with industry leaders.  


1. Pricing: Rs. 1,29,800 + GST 

2. Duration: 6 Months 

3. Certification: Great Lakes Executive Learning 

4. Real-World Industry Projects: 15+

5. Tool: 36

6. Additional Benefits: 

– Job Boards

– Hiring Events

– Resume Building

– Mock Interview Workshops

– Live Mentorship in Small Groups

5. Simplilearn – Digital Marketing Associate (Master’s Program) 

Simplilearn offers marketing professionals a 12-month long Master’s course with certificate alignment of Google, Hootsuite and OMCA. This course helps professionals acquire the right skills, learn marketing tools and strategies digital marketing campaigns to take their career to the next level. 

1. Pricing: Rs. 30,999 (Incl. taxes)

2. Duration: 12 Months

3. Certification: Simplilearn

4. Tools: 35+

5. Additional Benefits:

– Live Interactive Learning with Industry Experts

– Capstone & Real-Life Projects     

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